New Legislation Shapes Digital Data Recovery

New "kill switch" legislation threatens digital evidence recovery and security. Protect mobile devices and digital data using EDEC Black Hole Faraday Bags. The new "Kill Switch" legislation requires all smartphones to have an anti-theft kill switch function in order to erase sensitive data. Five states have this legislation on the ballot, and Minnesota has already approved the measure. EDEC Black … [Read more...]

Are You Prepared to comply with the Supreme Courts latest ruling?

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a warrant must be obtained before searching any cell phone; But, What do you do if the phone is remotely wiped BEFORE you obtain the warrant? The possibility of this happening makes it ESSENTIAL that you have faraday bags with you to isolate the phone and eliminate the risk of losing all of the data/evidence on the phone…most importantly, to eliminate the … [Read more...]

NFSTC’s CSI Night 2013: VIP Event Highlighted Forensic Technology

On Wednesday, February 27, National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) hosted CSI Night 2013, bringing together business and technology leaders, law enforcement, and military personnel from around Tampa Bay. Guests at this invitation only event at the Largo facilities got a behind-the-scenes look at technology advancements impacting today’s forensic science industry. A Technology … [Read more...]

Closed for the Holidays!

The Forensic Store corporate office will be closed from December 21, 2012 through January 2, 2013 for the holidays due to building maintenance.  We hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday.  See you all in 2013! If you need immediate assistance please contact: Tom Eskridge 1-813-343-0766 x101 If you choose to place an order during this time it will be processed, … [Read more...]

Closed for Thanksgiving 2012!

Forensic Store will be closed Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd for the thanksgiving holiday. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday! See everyone Monday, November 26th.   … [Read more...]

How easy is it to hack into a webcam?

Stephen Pearsons exclusive interview with FOX 13 about the dangers of webcams. Watch the video bellow to learn how to protect yourself and your friends and family. … [Read more...]

How a Faraday bag works

The value of isolation chambers are well known when you pick up a mobile device in an investigation. It is imperative to maintain the integrity of the data. But how does it all work? Scientifically, the Faraday isolation bag/chamber blocks radio waves from reaching the mobile device. It causes the electrical charges within the device to redistribute themselves. This video demonstrates on a … [Read more...]

The Forensic Computer Process

One of the most important things is to understand the computer forensic process. Whether you’re buying forensic computers for the first time or buying new machines to keep up with the latest technology, the buying decision can be daunting. There are so many factors to take into account, from budget, to the types of investigations you’ll be conducting, the volume of evidence you’re going to be … [Read more...]