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Intelligence That You Can Use

HTCI’s test group of experienced investigators has found tremendous success with the Data Analysis Reporting Tool (D.A.R.T.). It has been used to link complex homicide cases, narcotics organizations, and used to identify pimps during prostitution stings.

All of your suspects are using cellular technology. There have been many fine products created that will retrieve thousands of pages of data from your suspect’s cell phones. Unfortunately, this often leads to information overload for investigators. Trying to manually make sense, and more importantly, create connections amongst all this data is time consuming and sometimes even impossible.

It is with this in mind, that the leadership of HTCI (retired law enforcement officers and experts in the cellular investigation area) developed D.A.R.T.

Imagine, an investigative tool, created not for the “forensics experts”, (getting the data from the devices as their job) but for the on the ground investigator and crime analyst. Furthermore, the tool is priced so that it is very likely that the software will pay for itself in labor costs savings on your very first case!

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They Get the Data

Cellphone Extraction Tools

You can use the cellphone extraction tools that you already have to extract the data.  D.A.R.T. currently supports the importing of reports from: XRY, Cellebrite, Lantern, Paraben, Via Forensics, Susteen, Android, and even Call Detail Records.

D.A.R.T. Gets the Evidence

Data Analysis Reporting ToolUsing D.A.R.T.’s advanced analytics package you can analyze the data from the cellphone reports and quickly turn it into evidence.  D.A.R.T. can take thousands of pages of cell phone data and turn it into understandable intelligence within minutes.  Find the missing links, make the connections, make the data you need stand out.

You Get the Suspect

Using this evidence you will have no trouble building the case that will put your suspect behind bars.[/wptabcontent]

The D.A.R.T. Process in Action

The D.A.R.T. Process in Action


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Analytics the Other Tools Only Dream About

Our analytics tools include but are not limited to: Shared images, GeoTagged images, Cross Communications, Common Communications, SMS Conversations, Communication Grouping, Keyword Searches, and Timeline Analysis.

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Advanced Analytics 1Advanced Analytics 2Advanced Analytics 3Advanced Analytics 3Advanced Analytics 5Advanced Analytics 6Advanced Analytics 7Advanced Analytics 8Advanced Analytics 8Advanced Analytics 10


[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

D.A.R.T. Features Include:

Load Reports: Load reports from today’s most popular cell phone extraction tools; Cellebrite, Susteen, XRY, Android, and Lantern. Paraben to be added soon.

Analytics: Correlates data from multiple reports into a single case file for extensive analysis. Shared images, GeoTagged images, Cross Communications, Common Communications, SMS Conversations, Communication Grouping, Keyword Searches, and Timeline Analysis.

Bookmarking: Make your case easy to present by bookmarking key sections of the analysis, then annotating and saving the bookmarked section as an HTML report.

Manual Case Entry: Sometimes there is not a piece of forensic software available to rip a phone or the phone is too damaged. Use manual case to create a report for these phones and use the included analysis tools to build your case.

Generate Forms: Chain of custody and evidence forms can be generated right inside of DART. Information from your case will already be populated, saving you hours of time.

Cell Phone Database: Our cellphone database includes information on today’s mobile phone technology. Find what features a phone has, what software will rip it, and any other information we have available.

SIM Card Utility: Import individual SIM cards into your case. Read and create copies of suspect SIM cards so you can safely perform forensic analysis on the cards and the phones.

Android Ripper: Rip information from one of today’s most popular mobile phone OS, Android. Once the phone has been ripped, you can load it into DART (with or without other reports) to perform analysis.

Investigator Portal: All DART customers receive a one year subscription to the Investigator portal. The Investigator portal is a one stop online shop for digital forensic information.

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Try Before You Buy!

Want to try out the world’s most advanced cell phone analysis tool before you buy it?  Register for a FREE 2 week evaluation copy.  It has all the same features as the full version but will only run for 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be glad to help!




Would you like to see DART live in action?

We are happy to show off our products to our customers. We host an online DART DEMO to showcase how easy it is to use our software and quickly produce evidence and reports. Afterward, we hold a question and answer session to go over anything you would like to know further on the program.

Request A Free DART DEMO Webinar

If you would like to set up a private session for your department, please send an email to to set it up.

8 reasons you need D.A.R.T. for your cell phone analysis

#1 Import From Multiple Vendors Tools

Import data from cell phone extraction toolsD.A.R.T. currently supports the importing of Cellebrite, XRY, Lantern, Susteen, Oxygen Forensics, Via Forensics, Android, and Call Detail Records.  We are currently developing the ability to import Paraben cell phone reports.

#2 Advanced Analytics

Advanced cell phone analysis toolsOur analytics tools include but are not limited to: Shared images, GeoTagged images, Cross Communications, Common Communications, SMS Conversations, Communication Grouping, Keyword Searches, and Timeline Analysis.

#3 Premium Tech Support

Premium Tech SupportThis tool was built based on our years of experience.  We built it in-house because of the need we saw, and we are fully capable of providing the best support when you need it most.  The same people that built this amazing tool are the ones supporting it.

#4 Map Calls, Towers, Evidence, Locations

Load Call Detail Records in D.A.R.T.The Manual Plotting feature provides a web-based mapping utility to plot data points from CDRs, cell tower dumps, manual points of interest, addresses, etc. With D.A.R.T. you can create layered maps and plot any location to develop your case!

#5 Read, Store, and Clone SIM Cards

Read SIM cards with HTCI SIM UtilitySometimes you need to turn on a phone and not let it connect to a network.  In order to do this you will need a SIM slug.  Our SIM utility can create slugs, read SIM cards, and make copies for a backup.

#6 Analyze Multiple Reports at Once

Analyze Multiple Cell Phone ReportsWith D.A.R.T. you can analyze multiple reports from multiple cell phone extraction tools in one software program.  No more switching back and forth between reports and different windows; D.A.R.T. lets you see them all at once!

#7 Saves Time

Save Time Using D.A.R.T.Using the high-powered analytics tools built into D.A.R.T. you can analyze THOUSANDS of pages of data in just minutes.  Instead of using all of your time analyzing the data, spend more time using the results.

#8 Create a Bookmarked Report you Can Use

bookmarking analytics toolSome of the data you import from your cell phone extraction tools may not be useful in your case.  The bookmarking feature was created so you could create your own reports with just the data you need.

What Our Customers Are Saying About D.A.R.T.

*Due to the nature of our clients’ occupations their full names, position, and location have not been disclosed.

DART enabled me to gather and show the case evidence quickly and easily on screen in minutes. Doing this by hand would have taken days. To try out DART, I used it to run reports on a few cell phones we had picked up from different drug arrests. After examining them, I found that each of the 3 phones called a common number. From this, I called narcotics and we found one of the biggest distributers in the area. I would have never thought the cell phones were connected before using DART.

- Kevin M.

High Tech Crime Institute’s Data Analysis Reporting Tool (DART) has provided a low cost, multifaceted analytical solution for investigations involving multiple mobile devices. Or, in cases that involve the analysis of multiple devices seized over a period of time. DART incorporates the tools most useful in correlating user activity through call history, contact lists, geo-location data, and other activity that had previously required multiple applications to complete. The utilitarian nature of DART in importing various file formats allows the investigator to use the most thorough method available to access the mobile device and report the stored information, removing the ‘tool-centric’ add-on costs provided by some commercial tool sets. DART is economically priced and should be considered a required tool within any mobile device investigator’s tool kit.

- Andy H.

I have been involved in the digital forensics field for over 10 years and I appreciate the continued efforts of HTCI to deliver cost effective products that work well. I am currently involved in assisting law enforcement with serious criminal cases involving multiple, related cell phones. DART has proven very effective at compiling and analyzing the relationships between multiple phones in a case, thereby allowing the case investigator to better and more quickly review the evidence.

- Mark E.

We have used it on just single phones up to this point and it works well. I am hoping to use it on multiple phones and use some of the more advanced features soon.

-Norm S.

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