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Since the introduction of digital media, computer forensics has become a profession.  Now that technology is a part of EVERYONES life, it has become increasingly important that computer forensics experts exist.

When conducting a digital forensic investigation, it is imperative to have the right equipment.  The most important tool forensic experts  need is the proper forensic computer.  Forensic computers are high-powered machines that have both forensic hardware integrated and forensic software installed.  There are many types of forensic computers on the market, but one thing is for sure, you need the fastest and most reliable one for your forensic investigations.

Speed matters…

The forensic workstation you use to process the data and extract the evidence for your case, is the most important tool you will purchase.  This computer will be searching for evidence on a suspect’s hard drive or other device.  It will be used to find the explicit images you need to make your case.

When beginning a forensic investigation it is important to create an image of the suspect’s hard drive.  Hard drives today are monsters and can range in size from gigabytes to a couple of terabytes.  A 1-terabyte drive using a slow machine could take a few weeks to process.  With the right forensic computer at your side, this same hard drive could take only a couple hours.

Quality, Speed, and Performance

HTCI Standard Forensic ComputerThe Forensic Store strives to provide the best forensic solutions to our customers.  We have chosen to sell the HTCI line of forensic computers because they are the best at what our customers need; quality, speed, and performance at a price our customers can afford.  

Choose the best HTCI Forensic Computer for your needs!

You Decide the Best Value

There are a lot of forensic computer choices on the market.  The most well known is probably Digital Intelligence’s FRED (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device). The HTCI lines of forensic computers are not only a better value, but they are of better quality as well.  When you compare our machines at the same price level, or with the same functionality, we beat all of our competitors in quality, price, and performance.

Industry Setting 3 Year Warranty

3 Year warranty on all forensic computersHTCI is so confident their machines are not only the best value, but just plain the best, that they offer a 3 year warranty STANDARD with every forensic computer sold.  No one in the industry does this.  

Best Value, Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction guarantee on all forensic computersHTCI is also confident that you will not find a better-advertised price on a comparable forensic computer.  If you so happen to find one then let us know and we will beat their price, minus 10%!