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Paraben P2 Commander

$1,095 $1,075

Version 3.5

P2 Commander is a court proven, computer forensic solution for examiners who need affordable, reliable digital analysis for computer investigations.

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Product Description

P2 Commander is a court proven, computer forensic solution for examiners who need affordable, reliable digital analysis for computer investigations. Built to process large volumes of data in a fast and efficient manner, P2 Commander is known for its advanced email and chat log analysis. Examiners who use P2 Commander are confident that their evidence is preserved, defensible, and presentable in well laid out reports.

Advanced digital forensic software at a budget friendly price…
  • Affordable: $1,075.00  (includes 1 year SMS) and only $220.00 a year to maintain
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: P2 Commander can replace your expensive forensic tools
  • Specialized Email Processing: Paraben is known for email analysis and P2 Commander delivers
  • Integrated Database: No need to install complex databases, P2 Commander’s is built in
  • Data Triage: Save hours of time on each exam with the data triage feature

New to v3.5

  • Data triage (a snapshot of important sources of evidence such as e-mail databases, chat databases, Internet browser data, recently used documents, and more)
  • Memory dump parser
  • Signature/extension mismatches analysis
  • EXIF data viewer
  • Hidden partitions detection
  • Skip list allows you to skip unimportant emails/folders/mailboxes to speed up searching and analysis
  • Improved search interface
  • Regular Expressions search engine (GREP)
  • Multi- parameter data filtering based on search engine
  • Added support for Google Chrome history, cookies, auto fill items, keywords and logins parser
  • HTML Email Message report
  • Sorted files viewing for selected folder/disk/mail storage etc.
  • Exporting of files stored in different locations to one location
  • Improved interface features for more familiar navigation
  • Added support for Exchange 2010 (.EDB) files
  • Added support for Virtual HD and VMware disk images

P2 Commander Features

  • Back end optimized database for support of massive amounts of data
  • Multi-threading and task scheduling capabilities to process more data in less time
  • Examine logical and physical disks as well as individual files and folders with FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS (including partition free space and file slack), ExtX, and HFS+ filesystems
  • Supports disk images from the most popular forensic imaging software and virtual image formats
    • Paraben’s Forensic Replicator (PFR)
    • Safeback 2-3
    • EnCase 4-5-6
    • RAW disk images (created in P2 Enterprise, Smart, etc.)
    • VMware disk images
    • Virtual PC Virtual HD disk images
  • Supports analysis of memory dump files
  • E-mail plug-in supports viewing multiple e-mail and network e-mail formats in a special e-mail data viewer (including support for exporting data to E-mail Examiner, EML [rfc822 compliant], Attachments only, MSG [OLE message], and PST [Outlook] e-mail formats)
    • Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003 SP1, 2007, 2010 (EDB)
    • Lotus Notes 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
    • Novell Group Wise
    • Microsoft Outlook (PST)
    • Microsoft Outlook Express (EML)
    • E-mail Examiner (EMX)
    • AOL
    • The Bat! (3.x and higher)
    • Thunderbird
    • Windows Mail
    • Eudora
  • Chat database plug-in supports many popular chat clients for viewing chat database contents in a convenient, color coded format for easy analysis
    • Yahoo!
    • Skype
    • ICQ
    • Miranda
    • Hello (Including Thumbnails)
    • Trillian
  • OLE Storage plug-in supports the parsing and analysis of any OLE storage
  • Archive plug-in supports many popular archive types including: zip, jar, xpi, iso, chm, cab, msi, ppt, doc, xls, arj, bzip2, cpio, deb, gzip, lzh, msis, rpm, split, tar, z, wim, and 7z.
  • Forensic Sorter plug-in sorts data into relevant categories
    • Sort Network E-mail Attachments
    • Sort E-mail Attachments
    • Analyze file type/file extension mismatch
  • Deleted data recovery
  • Hash database features can manage and Filter Out Common Hashes (FOCH)
  • File viewers for the most popular file formats
  • Automatic detection of embedded data from supported file types (view e-mail archives, chat databases, disk image files, OLE storage, and archives from the exact place they are stored without having to add them to your case separately)
  • Multiple reporting options for complete customization
  • Robust searching options including multi-encoding support
    • Search within e-mail attachments
    • Search in the text body, text headers, by sender, receiver, date, etc. of e-mails
    • Multi-parameter search for each type of data.
    • Regular Expressions search.
    • Ability to search for data without searching for its contents (file name/directory names)
  • Exporting
    • Export any file in its native format
    • Export multiple files from different folders/disks/evidence types
    • Export mail storage contents to EML, EMX, PST, and MSG formats
    • Export e-mail attachments in their native format
    • Export from search results and bookmarked data
  • Image Analyzer for pornographic image detection at no extra cost
  • Internet Data plug-in supports the parsing and analysis of:
    • Mozilla Firefox cache and history
    • Internet Explorer cache, cookies, and history
    • Google Chrome history, cookies, auto fill items, keywords and logins
  • Advanced Registry and System Analyzer

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