Mission Darkness Faraday Bags


The Mission Darkness Faraday Bags come in Keyfob, Phone size, and Tablet size, and Laptop sizes, and with or without windows. Select from below to meet your own isolation needs for cell phones, GPS devices, PDAs, iPads, and other types of mobile devices.



Mission Darkness faraday bags block cell phone signals, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, RFID, and other radio frequency signals with 60dB average shielding. Mission Darkness bags are used by law enforcement and military to maintain the integrity of forensic evidence during device seizure and transport to protect information in secure facilities and to shield passports and IDs with a high level of data protection assurance.


Shielding – Average 60db from low MHz to 5GHz frequencies
Blocks – Cell Phone, WiFi, GPS, RFID, bluetooth and other RF signals
Supported Sizes – Cell phone, tablet and laptop sizes
Visibility – Window bags show device screen
Protection – Water-resistant and rugged outer shell
Unique Serial – Unique Serial # on Every Bag
Agency info Pocket – Velcro-sealable info pocket holds business card or labels
Construction – All: Dual paired seams I Window: double offset

Product Size Info

Different Sizes for Different Devices

Mission Darkness Window & Non-Window Phone Faraday Bags

Mission Darkness phone faraday bags are large enough to hold big phones like the iPhone 6 plus.

Mission Darkness Window & Non-Window Tablet Faraday Bags

Mission Darkness tablet faraday bags are designed to hold nearly all sizes of tablet.

Mission Darkness Laptop Faraday Bags

Mission Darkness laptop faraday bags can typically hold one or even two laptops.


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