AD Triage-Examiner


Forensically acquire data from both live and powered down computers in the field. With AD Triage-Examiner, field acquitisions are easy and don’t require you to carry around a laptop and write blocker.




AD Triage: A Portable Computer Forensics Solution That Anybody Can Use….
Built on FTK technology, AD Triage is a portable computer forensics solution for use in the field. Forensic examiners and non-forensic personnel alike can acquire volatile and all or targeted hard drive data from a system in just minutes. It’s a great option for corporate and government teams who often need to acquire data from powered on or powered off machines for internal investigations, FOIA or even subpenas. Law enforcement officers can preserve evidence securely without having to wait hours for a forensics expert to arrive to scene. Finally, attorneys, paralegals and litigation support personnel can easily preserve ESI for the purpose of e-discovery when handling smaller legal matters.

Preconfigure Devices For Auto-Acquisition, Or Search Data Prior to Collection….

Using AD Triage, you can search for and preserve data by criteria, including keyword hash, regular expression, file size, date and time , extensions, file path and illicit images. In addition, users can collect network and system information, as well as memory. It allows you to acquire the full disk, a volume, or peripheral devices, saving data to a USB device, an external hard drive or exporting it to a designated location on the same network. Pre-configure the AD Triage device to automatically acquire only the data deemed necessary, allowing inexperienced users to safely and effectively use the tool. Or experienced personnel can use AD Triage in manual mode to preview and search data prior to collection.

How Does AD Triage Make On-Scene Acquisition Easier?

– Easily preserve volatile data, which is lost if the computer system is shut down.
– Preview and acquire full disk, targeted data, or copy an external hard drive.
– Supports powered-down Apple computers with Intel processors.
– USBs can be programmed to auto-collect according to collection profiles.
– Auto-export data collected from the target system to a designated location on the same network.
– Create AD1, E01, RAW, or SMART images of collected data.
– No need to carry a laptop and write blocker.


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