Cellphone Investigation Bundle

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The Cellphone Investigation Package includes all the tools you need to start processing today’s cellphones in a bundled package.  With this package you will get the HTCI ‘Standard’ Forensic Computer and HTCI’s Data Analysis Reporting Tool (D.A.R.T.).

HTCI Standard Forensic Computer

The HTCI “Standard” edition is a high power, great value forensic platform for all professional forensic investigators. The HTCI “Standard” was designed with today’s forensic investigator in mind; it combines a high-speed multi-core processor and ultra-fast memory with a high performance SSD to give you the most performance at a great value. All HTCI Systems are user friendly, and support all Windows based forensic platforms. Included in each system is the HTCI DART software for complete cell phone analysis capability without any additional equipment required.

Data Analysis Reporting Tool (D.A.R.T.) v3.2

Your cases have become increasingly complex with the advent of digital media. It is more likely that your suspect will be in possession of an advanced cellular device, not even owning a traditional personal computer. It is not uncommon for your cellular software to download thousands of pages of data from an advanced device.
Using DART, thousands of pages of data can be quickly transformed to intelligence that you use to prove your case.

USB Isolation Bag

The Forensic Examination Pouch  gives the law enforcement community the means to secure and manipulate wireless devices.  The USB 2.0 connection on the input/output plate allows the connection of a secured device to a forensics computer in the field or in the lab.  Forensic Examination Pouch with SFI’s capacitive sensing technology works with any portable wireless device including Smartphones.

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