Mobile Examiner Kit Basic


The HTCI Mobile kit is a multipurpose, portable unit that contains a complete array of hardware solutions to preview, acquire or process digital evidence.


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The HTCI Mobile Kit Basic is a multipurpose, portable unit that contains a complete array of hardware solutions to preview, acquire or process digital evidence. That when coupled with your choice in Forensic Software, and 15” HTCI Extreme Series Laptop or 17 “ HTCI Extreme Series Laptop gives you a complete mobile package for all of your digital media needs.

HTCI Mobile Kit Basic includes your choice of a powerful forensic laptop workstation, the latest in Forensic Software, and a full assortment of forensic write blockers and all the cables, adapters, and extras one would need to complete the forensic process. Whether in the field or in the office the HTCI Mobile kit provides an investigator with a digital forensic lab in a portable travel case.

The kit is completely housed in a practically sized, weatherproof, Laptop Overnight travel case that conforms to all airline baggage standards. Along with padded removable sleeve for 15″-17″ laptop computers, three removable accessory pouches for adapters and cables. The HTCI Mobile kit meets, or exceeds, any expectation an examiner would have for a kit designed for the field.


Carrying Case
Pelican Pelican 1560 Case with Foam
15″ Included 15″ Laptop
17″ (Optional) 17″ Laptop
Included in Kit
Evidence Hard Drives Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s
Hard Drive Cases Anti-Static Drive Case
Smart Card Reader SGT122 CAC Smart Card Reader
External Hard Drive Dock External USB 3.0 Hard Drive Bay
Floppy Drive External USB Floppy Disk Drive
CD Case Case Logic CDW-16 16 Capacity Classic CD Wallet (Black)
Toolkit 30 Pcs Pocket Precision Screwdriver Bit Set with Tweezer
TK35U Forensic Bridge
Capabilites SATA / IDE Support
TP2 Power Adapter
TC-USB3 USB 3.0 Cable A to B Cable
TC2-8-R2 3M Power to Molex 4-Pin Female Cable
TC3-8 8″ SATA Cable
TC5-8-R2 3M Power to SATA Power Cable
TC6-8 8″ IDE Cable
TK8u Forensic Bridge
Capabilites USB Support
TP2 Power Adapter
TC-USB3 6′ Cable. 3.0-A (9-pin) to USB 3.0-B (9-pin)
TK9 Forensic Bridge
Capabilities Firewire Support
TP2 Power Adapter
TC7-9-9 6′ 1394b 9-Pin to 9-Pin Cable
TCA7-4-9 1394a 4-Pin to 1394b 9-Pin Adapter
TCA7-6-9 1394a 6-Pin to 1394b 9-Pin Adapter
TC8 6′ USB A to Mini USB B Cable
Forensic Software Add-ons
Paraben E3: DS + $2,995.00
EnCase V8 + $3,594
FTK 5.0 + 5,113.60 ($3,995 plus required 1 year SMS)


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