MPE nFIELD – Fast, forensic mobile data collections. Forensically acquire and preview information on any supported mobile device with virtually zero training necessary.

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MPE nFIELD: Fast, Forensic Mobile Data Collections. Forensically acquire and preview information on any supported mobile device with virtually zero training necessary.

The simplest, most powerful on-scene mobile device collection and triage solution you will ever use.
MPE nFIELD combines the powerful collection capabilities of Mobile Phone Examiner Plus™ (MPE ) with an easy-to-use interface to support on-scene mobile device data collection. MPE nFIELD performs logical and physical acquisition of mobile devices along with UICC and mass storage devices. MPE nFIELD not only provides seamless mobile device data collections but also automatically creates an AD1 forensic image along with a detailed report of findings. All of this is accomplished in just five simple steps.

Acquire data beyond what most collection solutions on the market can, including increasingly critical file system data.
MPE nFIELD supports thousands of devices, from legacy feature phones to today’s smart devices. It also includes the MPE iLogical™ and dLogical™ support technology which collects iOS® and Android™ devices up to 30% faster than any other solution on the market.

Perform fast, on-scene triage of mobile devices.
The amount of critical evidence that is stored in mobile devices has made data collections even more challenging. MPE nFIELD provides a fast and simple way to triage mobile devices that potentially contain crucial evidence right on-scene. Law enforcement, enterprise and corporate investigators will benefit from MPE nFIELD’s ability to quickly report mobile device evidence, allowing for instant triage when time and resources are limited.

Acquire mobile device data with little or no technical experience.
With the proliferation of mobile devices globally the probability of having to conduct a mobile device collection is high. Being prepared with a tool that can be utilized by anyone, but produce a forensic image is priceless. MPE nFIELD allows any investigator—regardless of technical experience—to forensically collect and preview information on any supported mobile device. The wizard-driven interface supports data acquisitions, requiring virtually zero training.

Maintain evidence integrity.
With the rapidly increasing mobile device usage, mobile devices are now critical to Enterprises and Law Enforcement for evidentiary purposes. Consequently, more and more personnel without proper training are now performing data collections from these devices increasing the risk of corrupting data. MPE nFIELD allows non-forensically trained users as well as users with little or no technical ability to perform forensically sound collections. An immutable AD1 image is created to ensure data analysis can be performed with any AccessData solution.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

Tech Specs

Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit (all versions)
ProcessorCore2 Duo 2HGz+ (or equivalent)
Disk Space250GB (Additional storage may be needed for physical iOS device aquisitions)
Expansion portsQTY x 4 USB 3.0 ports
AdditionalExternal 500GB drive (Recommended for collected data and report)
NoteMPE+ nFIELD software can be installed on any device running the Windows® Operating System including Personal Computers, Laptops and Tablets


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