TKDA7-3PC-BNDL PCIe Adapters


Adapter Kit Bundle. Includes PCIe Card SSD Adapter (TDA7-1), PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter (TDA7-2), PCIe Adapter for Apple SSD (TDA7-3), and PCIe cable – 4″ (TC-PCIE-4) in a black TB5 bag. Must be used with a Tableau PCIe Product.

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Tableau’s PCIe Adapter Bundle includes one PCIe Card SSD Adapter, PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter, and PCIe Adapter for Apple SSD (TDA7-3), and PCIe 4″ cable. This kit makes it easy to have all the necessary tools to acquire from the various types of PCIe SSDs. Recently, more and more computers are being manufactured with PCIe SSDs to enhance performance. While this trend improves performance, it presents a challenge to forensic investigators. Thankfully Tableau has the solution to quickly acquire from PCIe SSDs. Immediately and securely begin imaging form PCIe SSD drives with these adapters without the need for additional OS Drivers and tools. Simply connect the drive directly onto the adapter and begin acquiring forensically sound images.

PCIe Card SSD Adapter allows investigators to acquire forensically sound images from PCIe SSD drives, it is compatible with both AHCI and NVMe SSDs. This card adapter includes an 8″ data and power cable that connects from the adapter to the Forensic Universal Bridge.

The PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter images PCIe M.2 SSDs that are 42 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, or 110 mm in length in a forensically-sound manner. This adapter also works with B+M and B Keyed M.2 SSDs, but it is not compatible with M.2 SATA SSDs. Included are also screws to secure the drive in place.

Kit Includes: 

  • TDA7-1 PCIe Card SSD Adapter
  • TDA7-2 PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter
  • TDA7-3 PCIe Apple SSD Adapter
  • TC-PCIe-4 PCIe 4″ Cable
  • Rugged Traveling Case

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 8 in


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