TP2 Power Supply


Power Supply with Line Cord. Input: 100-240VAC; Output: 5VDC (regulated) @ 2A and 12VDC (regulated) @ 2A; Output Connector: 5-pin DIN. Includes US-style 2-pin IEC power cord.



Tableau TP2 Power Supply

The slimmer and lighter Tableau TP2 Power Supply replaces its predecessor, the TP1. The TP2 is compatible with all of Tableau’s Forensic Bridges and Accelerators. For most customers, a complete forensic kit need only include one or two TP2 power supplies.

The TP2 is compatible with power standards worldwide, accepting a 100-240VAC input and providing regulated 5VDC and 12VDC outputs, each rated at 2A. The TP2 uses the international IEC “figure 8” style power plug, making it compatible with inexpensive IEC-compatible AC line cords worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 in


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