UP828P Programmer


UP828P programmer is High speed universal device.



UP828P Ultra fast universal programmer supports the newest types of FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND, eMMC etc.

UP828P Universal Programmer features:
  • UP828P Universal Programmer supports the newest types of FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND , eMMC etc, in addition ,the BOOT area of iNAND, eMMC and MoviNAND can be read and written;
  • The EMMC ‘s read/write speeds can reach to 20MByte/sec;
  • UP828P Universal Programmer Support 48MHz read and write pulse, the highest support speed of read and write close to the limits of devices.Program Verify one 1Gb NAND FLASH only in 34 seconds, program Verify one 8Mb FLASH only in 4 seconds;Chip Model N25S80, S71PL064JB0, K9F1G08U0A, KLM8G2FEJA, Programmer UP828 UP128,Program Verify(S) 3.4 0.6 null 30.3 1.2 43.4 4.1 22.2 11.4 78.4 167 468.42 458.24, Type 8Mb SERIALFLASH, 64Mb NOR FLASH, 1Gb NAND FLASH, 8GBytes moviNAND
  • 110 pins universal driving, Support VCC of devices from 1.2V to 5V;
  • Auto-test short circuit or bad contact of devices, with intuitionist graphics Real-time detection ofshort circuit or bad contacting of devices, Guarantee the safety and quality of programming device;
  • Program interface is simple, the device operation unified, different devices configuration and set option use uniform window entrance;especially designed for mass production compact interface, even front-line workers can easily using it freely;
  • Simple operation, accessible, general deviceprogramed only need to set program options and device configuration, operation can be carried out simply, and flow is clear, don’t need a lot of training can be easy to get started;
  • Adopt reliable engineering encryption technology and innovatively using disposable engineering password mechanism to ensure the project files in transmission and in the process of using security, and control production, powerful safeguard engineering data security;
  • High effective batch production mode: with one computer, you can run at most 8 UP828P programmer, occupy less resource; And SERIAL FLASH support the four modules, that is one host write four devices at the same time;
  • Cluster quantity production support each host asynchronous, speaking, reading and writing, need not synchronous wait: Putting IC into each host programmer can be burned, or other operation without waiting , save the waiting time; Using one interface, but clearly operat each host, without switching back and forth, to further improve the overall efficiency of the mass production;
  • Have the standard programming interface, devices can be customized for a variety of special programming algorithms, such as a variety of NAND bad block processing algorithms,Special serial number generated algorithm, devices under different conditions, programming, testing algorithms, etc., to meet a variety of special needs;
  • High compatibility, durable BGA adapter, supporting the patented product BGA adapter average life-span more than 20 thousand times,usability and lifetime far beyond the import adapter
  • Perfect detailed log files and production programming statistical report,convenient programming quality tracking;
  • Supports WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7 operating system
UP828 programmer Hardware specifications
  • communication interface: USB2.0 (compat USB1.0/1.1);
  • System requirements: WINDOWS XP / 2003 / NT/WIN7 operating systems, 256MB or above RAM , 1GB or above hard disk space;
  • Power Specifications: Input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC 5V/1A;
  • Host size: 208*128*45mm,0.8kg
UP828 Ultra fast universal programmer Standard configuration
  • A host, an external power, one USB2.0 cable, user manual, installation software CD, and a warranty card;
  • Optional:adapter(suit for pin pitch 0.65mm,0.75mm,0.8mm, 1.0mm,0.5mm etc devices;Support Package: BGA, EBGA, SOP, TSOP, PSOP, TSSOP,SDIP etc..)


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