Drive eRazer Ultra


Drive eRazer Ultra completely erases all data from a hard drive quickly and easily. Stand-alone operation. No computer required! Faster than software. #31550-0109-0000



Quick and easy multi-function device that completely erases all data from a hard drive.

  • More than 10 preset erase methods – or create your own
  • Includes DOD spec erase methods
  • Supports Secure Erase
  • Attaches natively to SATA and IDE/PATA drives
  • Optionally connect to a printer for verification labels
  • LCD menus make setup and erasure simple
  • Functions as a USB drive dock

Before you dispose of or replace your hard drive … Remember all the data you saved on it …

  • Credit card numbers
  • Corporate data
  • Email address book / contact list
  • Email conversations
  • Financial data
  • Legal documents
  • Passwords
  • Personal photos of friends and family
  • Social Security numbers
  • Software license keys
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Web browser’s history

Did you know?

  • Deleting a file does not erase it from your hard drive!
  • Formatting a hard drive does not erase the hard drive!
  • It’s possible (and sometimes easy) for someone else to recover files if you don’t dispose of data properly!

What is Drive eRazer Ultra?

Drive eRazer Ultra completely erases all data from a hard drive quickly and easily. Stand-alone operation. No computer required! Faster than software. The new version adds many new features including an LCD menu with intuitive navigation, many preconfigured erase modes, customizable erase modes, automatic label printing, native SATA and IDE/PATA, and more.

Why use hardware?

Drive eRazer is faster than software programs, and Drive eRazer doesn’t tie up a computer. What’s more, it’s far easier to use. No computer required to erase.

How fast is Drive eRazer Ultra?

Drive eRazer’s performance depends upon the max write speed of the drive being erased. It can keep up with today’s fastest drives. You can expect 7GB/min on modern, high-performance drives and about 2GB/min on older drives.

How safe is it?

Very. Drive eRazer writes zeros over every bit of your drive. After it’s done, there’s nothing left to recover.

How is Secure Erase mode different from other modes?

Secure Erase is a feature on many modern hard drives (greater than 15GB). This feature ships in the drive’s firmware (written by the factory), and Drive eRazer can activate it at a hardware level.

Like single pass mode, Secure Erase mode also sequentially overwrites every single bit/track on the hard drive. Both modes overwrite data left at the end of partly overwritten blocks and directories. Secure Erase better handles data on “bad blocks” (single pass may stop and report an error at a bad block).

NIST special publication 800-88 “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” addresses Secure Erase specifically:

“Degaussing and executing the firmware Secure Erase command (for ATA drives only) are acceptable methods for purging.”

You should note that degaussing will usually destroy the target drive. Drive eRazer in any mode will not destroy the target drive (only the data).

We’re confident there is no data recovery possible from either method.

Hidden Areas with Secure Erase mode:

  • Deletes all blocks including partitions and data hidden inside Host Protected Areas, even ones normally invisible to operating systems.
  • Per industry specifications for the Secure Erase feature, will leave any HPA & DCO areas (which are partitions set in firmware) intact, though all data within them is deleted (along with all other data on the drive).

Which mode should I choose?

If you’re adhering to a policy, choose the fastest mode your policy finds acceptable. If you’re a computer reseller or other non-government user, your best option is Secure Erase or another mode that performs one pass. It’s fast and very safe.

Does it meet DoD specifications?

The Department of Defense has a stated policy (June 28, 2007) with their specifications regarding drive sanitization. Drive eRazer meets the DoD requirements for “clearing” a “Non-Removable Rigid Disk.” The specification requires destruction of a hard drive containing government classified data. As far as the DoD is concerned, Drive eRazer is as good as it gets without a degaussing machine or other destructive methods.

Does this product destroy the drive?

No. It systematically removes all data. After using Drive eRazer you can choose to use the drive again or safely sell it.

What Operating Systems does it work with?

The erase process requires no computer. Attach a drive, select a mode, and perform the erase. It doesn’t matter what is on the hard drive or what operating system the hard drive was used with. Drive eRazer will erase Mac, Windows, Linux, already blank, or home-brew formatted disks quite easily.

Drive eRazer Ultra has a host port which does allow you to connect to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer via USB. You can use this port to view at a disk before or after you erase it.

What kind of drives does it work with?

Drive eRazer connects out-of-the-box to all SATA drives (2.5″ and 3.5″) as well as 3.5″ IDE/PATA drives.

Printer Port

Connect to serial printers for verification labels. Two different formats of labels are available – a small label that fits on a hard drive, or a larger label that can fit on a DriveBox or paperwork.

We studied drive erasure procedures by the DoD to create the label. It automatically includes drive information (such as drive model/serial number), indicates what type of erasure method was used as well as provides signatory lines for proper signoff and release.


  • LCD displays time remaining, allows selection of erasure method
  • 4 buttons make menu navigation easy
  • Power LEDs (in and out) verify power status
  • Warning/Activity/Hidden area LEDs
  • USB 2.0 port turns the Drive eRazer into a USB 2.0 hard drive dock. See what’s on the drive before you erase it. Port allows connection to Windows, Mac, or Linux computers for preview or erasure confirmation.
  • Printer port automatically creates labels at completion
  • Small size allows you to take it anywhere
  • World-compatible AC adapter accepts 100-240VAC so you can trot the globe
  • Rugged aluminum case is briefcase proof, with excellent heat dissipation
  • Used with WiebeTech’s v4 Combo Adapters, 31510-0003-0000 and 31520-0003-0000 can be used with many drive types. With adapters, Drive eRazer will erase other types of drives such as 2.5 inch and 1.8 inch drives. (DEU is currently not compatible with the PCCARD adapter or the DOM adapter).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 3 in

Tech Specs

Detects And erases HPAs:
  • Detection Always Indicated By LED
    (Handled According To Configuration Settings)
  • Detects And Erases DCO:
  • Detection Always Indicated By LED
    (Handled According To Configuration Settings)
  • Switch GuardYes Drive Compatibility:
  • 2.5" And 3.5" SATA Drives
  • 3.5" PATA (IDE) Drives
  • Compatible
    (Via Adapters):
  • 1.8" ZIF Drives (Toshiba/Hitachi)
  • 1.8" Drives (Toshiba)
  • 2.5" IDE/PATA Drives
  • Operating System Compatibility For Erasure:
  • Operating System Not Required For Erasure.
  • Drive eRazer Operates As A Stand-Alone Device And Will Erase Disks From Any Operating System
  • Data Speeds:
  • Speeds Vary Depending On The Drive Model And Type. (Modern Drives Operate 7GB/Min)
  • Operating Humidity:
  • 5% To 95%, Noncondensing
  • Printer Port Specs:
  • 9Pin RS-232 (DB9 NULL Modem Cable)
    Pins 5, 2, And 3 Are Used (One Way Communication)
  • Baud Rate:
  • 9600
  • Data Bits:
  • 8
  • Stop Bits:
  • 0
  • Parity:
  • None
  • Optionally Prints:
  • 4" x 6" Or 4" x 1" (Sends Data In ZPL II Format Supports By Zebra Brand Printers)
  • Power Switch:
  • 2 (Position On/Off)
  • Power Input / Output:
  • +12V AC, 3A: +12V DC Jack (Input)
    +12V/+5V To Drive (Output)
  • Weight:
  • 2lbs (Including Accessories)
  • Dimensions:
  • 3.2" x 2.2" x 0.95"
  • Warranty:
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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