Eclipse 3 Pro SLR Kit


The Pro Kit offers the highest quality capture with extended software features. The Kit inclused Pro Software, hardware bundle with Canon SLR Camera, Base Plate, Camera Arm, Glare Shield, Foot Pedal and other Accessories in a Rugged Case.

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Eclipse 3 includes software and hardware designed exclusively for photodocumentation and management of digital evidence. Eslipse 3 allows forensic examiners to view on-screen what the camera sees and to operate devices while snapping photos and videos with a foot pedal. Media handling freatures, editing tools and a robust report builder offer time savings and efficiency for anyone tasked with documenting evidence. Validating forensic examinations and capturing information unobtainable with extraction tools is easy and fast.The Eclipse 3 Pro SLR Kit uses a Canon SLR camera and includes the highest quality photography platform, components and software features available.

Announcing v2.5 – Integration with Canon SLR Cameras and Amazing New Features! Digital forensics examiners encounter a wide range of evidence to analyze and report on. What do you do when you have a phone that you can’t recover information from? How do you process a GPS device quickly? Every lab needs a photography screen capture tool to validate forensic examinations and capture information unobtainable with extraction tools. This is the only tool that supports every single device. It’s sometimes a last resort, but often simply the go-to tool for quick examinations or validation. Eclipse 2 capture process saves time and frustration and produces beautiful reports upon completion.

Eclipse v2.5 offers something amazing for digital forensics examiners – EFFICIENCY! For version 2.5 we developed connection and capture from Canon SLR cameras, and a beautiful new hardware kit to go with it. This means examiners can work inside of the software, seeing on-screen what the Canon SLR camera sees, and capture photos consecutively with the provided foot pedal. There’s no need to go through laborous processes like setting a camera up correctly to take photos of device screens, importing images into Microsoft Word, adding notes manually, etc. Eclipse handles all of these processes and more in a fraction of the time. Plus, you’ll get forensic features like hashing, editing audit trail and reporting that you simply can’t get without a purpose-built product.


  • Capture images of cell phone, tablets, GPS, laptop and other mobile device screens
  • Photodocument information from apps or areas containing key evidence
  • Examine cell phones not supported by other forensic tools for data extraction
  • Add categories, tags, and other information
  • Maintain chain of custody with forensic process and hashing
  • Create beautifully designed and functional PDF, HTML, and Excel reports

Included Hardware:

  • Canon SLR Camera Bundle
  • AC Adapter, Batteries & Filters
  • Metal Base Plate with Podium
  • Camera Arm and Rail Mount
  • Flex Arm & Glare Shield Plate
  • Multiple Hardware Clamps
  • Hands-Free Foot Petal
  • Rugged Hard Case
  • Other Various Accessories

Eclipse Pro Software:

  • Eclipse 3 Professional Software
  • Canon Camera SLR Capture Engine
  • USB Camera Capture Engine
  • Hands-Free Capture w/Foot Petal
  • Video-to-Image Frame Extractor
  • HTML, PDF, Word, Excel Reporting
  • Report Options – Media naming conventions, report fields, headers, etc.
  • 1 year software license, updates and support

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in


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