Eclipse 3 Standard Software


Eclipse 3 Standard Software with hardware dongle, 1 year license & SMS.

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Eclipse 3 Webcam Kit




Proper digital evidence photo documentation and reporting tools are important for forensic investigators. Don’t be caught repeating mindless processes when Eclipse 3 Software can help you work smarter!

When using extraction tools such as UFED or XRY, one may encounter various applications that are not extracted or decoded. In this scenario it is important to search the mobile device be it phone or tablet and record any missed data. Eclipse 3 Software is used to capture images or video of that data, add notes, categories and hash tags. Once evidence is captured final reports are created for display in court or transmission to another party. Continuity amongst the way reports are created is gaining a lot of importance among DA offices. Eclipse 3 Software allows the same set up report after report to follow and look the same.

Computer forensics examiners understand that a percentage of devices, typically mobile devices like cell phones, cannot be examined using common data extraction tools. The only alternative is to photograph or take video of the data in the device, a tedious process without the right equipment. Eclipse forensic camera and software automates the majority of this process and hashes media to maintain chain of custody. Manual examinations are now faster and more effective with Eclipse, a tool that every examiner needs.

Eclipse 3 software is easy to use and intuitive, we want to help you work smarter not harder!

Eclipse 3 Software Only:

  • Eclipse 3 Standard Software (supply your own USB camera)
  • Image and video capture and processing
  • Extended capture options, foot pedal option
  • Categories, tags, notes and other custom fields
  • Evidence management, filtering, grouping
  • Photo/video batch cropping & rotating
  • Media editing audit trail
  • Video snapshots – generate still frames from video with foot pedal
  • Sha-256, Sha-1, MD5 hashing
  • PDF, HTML, Word and Excel reports
  • Report options – Media naming conventions, report fields, headers, etc.
  • Requires software dongle, shipped at time of purchase
  • 1 year software license, updates and support

Eclipse Webcam Kit:

  • Eclipse 3 Standard Software
  • Everything mentioned in Eclipse Software Only plus
  • 1080HD USB Microsoft Lifecam
  • Manfrotto camera arm
  • Manfrott Superclamp
  • Foot Pedal for hands-free capture
  • 1 year software license, updates and support

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 2 in


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