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Eclipse is a device screen capture, photo documentation and reporting tool. Digital forensics investigators analyze cell phones, GPS units, tablets, laptops and other devices that sometimes don’t communicate well with data extraction tools, or that simply require quicker means of evidence cataloging. The best and most complete solution for handling this type of evidence is a photo and video documentation tool. Eclipse is a complete package designed from the ground up for investigators. When using the Webcam Kit, the USB camera is connected to the software and evidence is placed below the camera. On screen the user views what the camera sees and begins to capture relevant evidence. Multiple capture methods exist to save time and increase efficiency. The included foot pedal leaves the user’s hands free to navigate the device while capturing. Notes, tags, categories and other data can be added to each screenshot or video clip during capture. When all screens or evidence have been recorded, the user is directed to organize, group and edit the evidence as necessary for the final report. Editing features, such as pulling screenshots from video clips induce a chain of custody trail to ensure forensic integrity. Multiple reporting options and formats meet the needs of the user as well as the end recipient. Eclipse is truly an end to end photo documentation and reporting solution that no lab should be without.

Eclipse Standard Software Features:

  • Hands Free Capture with Foot pedal Integration
  • USB Camera Capture Engine (Redesigned with Eclipse 3.0)
  • Unlimited Image and Video Capture
  • Auto Capture
  • Timed Interval Capture
  • Evidence Management, Tagging, Grouping, and Filtering
  • Media Cropping & Editing
  • Multiple Evidence Groups per Case
  • Batch Image Processing
  • Video and Image Import
  • HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word Reports based on User-Defined Evidence Groups
  • Constant Updates and Improvements!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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