HTCI SIM Card Adapter


With our new SIM Adapter, reading damaged or disfigured SIMs has been made easy for the investigator.

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Forensic professionals are often faced with the challenge of trying to process SIM Cards that have been disfigured or damaged. The SIM Card cannot be placed into a standard SIM Card reader because the card does not align on the pin pad correctly. The patented HTCI SIM Adapter enables the forensic professional to place the damaged SIM Card into the HTCI SIM Adapter, aligning the SIM Card on the SIM reader pad. A covering is then lowered over the SIM Card to secure it in place. Once the SIM Card is securely seated in the HTCI SIM Card adapter, it can be placed into the standard SIM Card reader and read like normal. The HTCI SIM Card adapter is the most affordable forensic SIM adapter on the market today.

The HTCI SIM Card Adapter can:
  • Read 6 and 8 pin SIMs
  • Fits standard SIM reader slot
  • Reads broken or misshapen SIMs**If the SIM is not electronically damaged

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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