SuperImager Plus Complete Field Kit


SuperImager® Plus Complete Field KIT with 8” Forensic Field Unit i7 Edition – 256GB and with Dual Boot Enabled.




The SuperImager® Plus Complete Field KIT with 8” Forensic Field Unit i7 Edition -256GB and with Dual Boot Enabled consists of:
A) SuperImager Plus Forensic 8″ Field Unit with Dual Boot Enabled – i7 Edition (i7 4th generation CPU, 256GB SSD, 16GB internal memory), an extremely fast Forensic Imaging device (Run Hash authentication @ 31GB/min with SSD, @ 10GB/min with 1TB WD Blue), and a mobile forensic platform unit.

Built-in with 8″ Touchscreen color LCD display, 4 SAS/SATA-3 ports, 6 USB3.0 ports, 1Gigabit Ethernet port, e-SATA port, HDMI Ports, Display Port, and Audio Ports.

In one read pass over the “Suspect” Hard Disk Drive, the SuperImager application can achieve: Forensic Imaging with E01 compress, Encryption AES256, 3 parallel Hash Authentication (MD5, SHA1, SHA2), on the fly Keyword Search and Saving Images to 2 external Hard Disk Drives, external compact mobile USB3.0/eSATA TB RAID storage devices, and to a local Network.

The Unit also can be used also to erase hard disk drives and USB storage devices, supporting DoD and Security Erase protocols. The application can generates a detailed log files and erase certifications. DoD and Security Erase protocols are NIST 800-88 compliance.

The Unit supplied and pre-configured with Dual boot Linux/Windows.

B) 1394A/B Dual Port Express Port adapter (capture data from 1394 devices)
C) Expansion Box( Express Card Reader and SCSI LVDS ULTRA 320 controller Pre-Installed)
D) SCSI Kit – Supports capture data from 2 SCSI Hard Disk Drives
E) Express Card Reader pre-Installed in the Expansion Box (Supports capture data from memory cards, 1394A/B , Mini-PCIE adapters, M.2-NGFF adapters)
F) Rugged and rolling IM2500i case, customized foam, with a lid organizer
G) Essential Accessories

Main Hardware Features
    • Case: Mobile, easy to carry
    • CPU: i7 4th Generation
    • Display: 8″ (800×600) LED backlight Touchscreen color LCD display
    • Hardware: Very high quality high performing components, some with military specifications. The units are assembled and tested in the US
    • Hardware upgrade: The unit can be upgraded at time of purchasing for additional cost to a larger internal SSD
    • OS: Windows 64 Bit
    • Writes Block: A low level blocking mechanism with combination of device drivers and hardware layer of protection
    • Application Updates: Application can be easily updated via USB thumb drives and special update screen
Applications Settings
    • HPA/DCO Automatic Supports: The application has the ability to automatically open HPA and DCO areas, and resize the “Suspect” hard drive to its full native capacity, in order to capture any “hidden data” (HPA/DCO are special areas on the hard disk drive that support this feature)
    • Bad Sectors Handling: User can select to skip bad sectors/blocks, or abort the operation when it encounters bad sectors/block of sectors on the “Suspect” hard disk drive
    • Forensic Images Destination: User can save Forensic Images to a local network shared folder for easy access and analysis, or save images to external USB3.0 RAID (encryption is optional) storage in a very good speed
    • Captured Storage Protocols and Interfaces: SAS, SATA, e-SATA enclosures, IDE, USB2.0, USB3.0, MMC, M.2 (NGFF)*, 1394*, and SCSI*
    • Form Factors: Capture data from various form factor devices: 3.5″, 2.5″, ZIF, 1.8″, Micro-SATA, Mini-SATA, PCIE*, Mini PCIE*, M.2(NGFF)*
    • Cross Copy from Ports and Interfaces: The user can choose to capture from one type of port, storage protocol and interface, and save the forensic Images into a different port, storage protocol and interface. The cross copy of data can be done between SAS/SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI/1394 interfaces
Application Features
    • GUI: The application is built with large icons and is very simple and easy-to-navigate. In a few clicks user can set the operation, and it will be quickly up and running
    • Speed: Extremely fast: Tested with Hash verification operation with SHA-1 enabled the recorded top speed was 30GB/min with Solid State Drive, and 10GB/min with 1TB WD Blue SATA-3 Hard Disk Drive; Tested with Forensic Imaging operation of 1 to 2 with SHA-1 enabled the recorded sustained top speed was 29GB/min with 3 SSD of SanDisk 120GB Extreme II
    • Hash Authentication: Simultaneously calculates on-the-fly up to 3 Hash Authentication values MD5/SHA-1/SHA-2
    • Encryption: On-the-fly AES256 encryption of the “Suspect” Hard Disk Drive, saving the encrypted data on “Evidence” Hard Disk Drive in 100%, DD, E01/Ex01 formats
    • Keyword Search: Instantaneous binary keyword search on the “Suspect” Hard Disk Drives (not a Unicode match)
    • Forensic Images can be saved in those Formats: 100% Bit by Bit, Linux DD Format, Encase E01/Ex01 formats include options for optimized compression
    • Evidence Drive Formats: exFAT which supported mounting under many OS
    • Log Files: Audit trail in PDF formats, or txt formats with ability to customize the reports and adding company Logo
    • Drive Spanning:Supports spanning the captured data onto many “Evidence” drives , when the Evidence drives are not large enough (Also supports restore from spanned multiple drives)
Main application Features:
    • Forensic Imaging Mode
    • Forensic Restore back data to origina
    • Erase data from drives and Quick Format
    • Hash calculation authentication and verification
Main Forensic Imaging Mode Features:
    • Forensic Imaging Mode 100%, DD, E01/Ex01 – with optional compression
    • Hash while capture: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 (all 3 can be selected simultaneously)
    • Erase Reminder of the drive
    • Encryption/Decryption
Warranty: One year warranty for the main unit. (It is not include cables and accessories)


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