SuperWiper DeskTop Gen-3 StandAlone Multi Drives Eraser with 16 SAS/SATA and 10 USB3.1 Ports


SuperWiper Desktop PRO Gen-3 data Erase and Format SAS/SATA drives and USB3.0/USB3.1 digital storage devices. A multiple channel drive eraser with a high speed PCIE 3.0 Expansion slots to supports optional SCSI /NVMe/FC/1394 and other interfaces.
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The SuperWiper® Desktop Pro Gen-3 with 16 SAS/SATA ports is a Standalone, Industrial and Extremely Fast Data Erase Unit, erasing 16 SAS/SATA drives simultaneously and 10 USB3.0/3.1. Expansion Options are available to supports SCSI, 1394 drives. The unit performs at a very high speed, in a secure Linux environment, and with the most efficient user-friendly application. The desktop style durable unit features an 8” detachable Touchscreen color LCD display with HDMI port, 16 channel open tray for easy drive insertion, 16 SATA/SATA-3 ports, 10 USB3.1 ports. The SuperWiper’s erase application supports drive multiple channels erase operations in one session, and independent channel erase operation in multiple sessions. It is the most economic erase solution with no license scheme.

The unit performs at a very high speed, in a secure Linux environment, and with the most efficient user-friendly application. The desktop style durable unit features an 8” detachable Touchscreen color LCD display with HDMI port, 8 channel open tray for easy hard drive insertion, 8 SATA/SATA-3 ports, 10 USB3.1 ports.The SuperWiper’s erase application supports both drive multiple channels erase operations, as well as independent channel, erase operation. (most economic erase solution with no license scheme).

Key Features:

1) The unit hardware: i7 – 8th generation CPU, 8GB Memory, 120GB SSD internal storage, with 16 SAS/SATA, 10 USB3.1 ports, Ubuntu 18.04LTS, Expansion capabilities for SCSI, 1394.
2) Main use: Standalone, no software license scheme, extreme fast multi drives erase unit for Hard Disks, SSD, flash.
3) The application is using Ubuntu open OS: Multi-tasks, truly simultaneous multiple independent drives erase unit. The erase protocols are: DoD, DoD Lite, Secure Erase, Enhance Secure Erase, Sanitize (SAS SSD), User Erase Mode. It includes erase verification, NIST 800-88 erase certification, erase log SQL database and more options.
4) Usage: Under the Linux OS: Full Drive Erase, HASH, Quick and Full Format, Format 520 Byte, Drive Diagnostics, Scripting.

The SuperWiper’s application supports Erase Protocols:
  • DoD 5220-22M (ECE) erase specification (With 7 writing pattern passes and one verification pass)
  • DoD Lite 5220-22M (E) erase specification (With 3 writing pattern passes and one verification pass)
  • Security Erase
  • Sanitize (SAS SSSD)
  • Enhanced Security Erase
  • “User” Defined Erase Settings

The user can also perform an erase verification only, or a quick formatting of the drives with a choice of many different kinds of file systems including NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, HFS+, and EX4. The SuperWiper application is very unique, in that it gives the user a maximum throughput of erased devices. Erase simultaneously in parallel with multiple session operations of 16 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk Drives at an average speed of 8.2GB/min per one pass. Erase of 8 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk Drives with the use of DoD (ECE) protocol (7 write passes and 1 verification pass) in 14.5 hours, and with the use of Security Erase protocols in 2 hours.

The unit is capable of erasing data from a maximum of 22 Storage Devices, in simultaneous operation.
The erase protocols are NIST 800-88 compliance. The “User” erases mode has a full or partial optional verification pass.
The application generates log-file and NIST 800-88 erase certification that is easily exported to USB flash drive.

Summary of the main features (the Unit):
  • Built-in 10 USB3.1 ports that can be converted to 10 SATA ports to perform at a very high speed (Up to 20GB/min), or be used to erase SD/MicroSD and other flash drives (please see Option for the additional 4 USB3.0 to SATA conversion kit)
  • Built-in 16 bay open drive tray, in which the user can plug any SAS/SATA 2.5” and 3.5” drives without the need for extra cost of special caddies.
  • The unit runs under Linux OS, which is a more secure OS than Windows.( It is an OS that is less targeted by malware).
  • Detachable Display: The user can plug external monitor and still operate the unit.
  • Expansion Slots (PCIE 3.0)
  • Easily can be configured to supports multiple SCSI drives (SCSI 3 drives KIT and SCSI 6 drives KIT).
  • Also can be configured with 1394 controller and with the use of 1394 to TB2.0, to supports TB storage
The Main Application:
  • The application runs very efficiently due to a low OS overhead.
  • Simple and easy to use; all designed with a touchscreen icons, and in few clicks, user can be set and up and running.
  • Uses all the 8 CPU cores in a very efficient way.
  • Supports Security Erase and Enhanced Security Erase protocols, Sanitize, which are very important way to erase data from SSD and logical drives.
  • Use Continues Mode erase operation, in which each port is independent of other ports. The user can plug a hard disk drive in one port and start the erase operation, and when the erase is completed plug a different drive and start another erase operation with very little down time.
  • Formats drives with: NTFS, ex-FAT, FAT32, HFS+(Mac), EXT4 (Linux) and with MBR, GPT, and MAC.
  • Logs and Certificates: It generates detailed log file and erase certification includes NIST 800-88 format.
  • Display the drive’s S.M.A.R.T. status – An indication for drive “Health” condition.
  • Drive Diagnostics and S.M.A.R.T. drive tests: Read Verify test(supported by all digital storage media), SMART short test (2-5 minutes), SMART extended full test, and SMART conveyance test to evaluate the “health” condition of the drive prior to erasing operation.
  • Compliant with NIST 800-88 when used with DoD, Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase, Sanitize erase protocols, or with use of the “User” erase mode when full verification option is enabled.
  • Erase Verification Only Mode: The user can choose to run a full verification or partial verification on a drive that was previously erased by any other devices or any other erase applications.
  • Compliant with FACTA, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Support drives with size up to 256TB (48bit LBA addressing).
  • Supports dual port Micro SD card reader, which enable the user to erase 12 SD cards simultaneously.
  • the user can customize the erase certificate, by adding any additional fields and information that can be entered and saved for a batch of drives .
  • SQL database to save and export log files.
  • Print label for drive the erased.
  • Ability to unlock the Secure ATA drive password and erase the data from the drive (works on most OEM MFG drives).
  • Ability to open drives that encrypted with BitLocker, if the password is supplied Expansion Box with 8 SAS/SATA ports – no cables. With the use of this Expansion Box the user can erase 16 SAS/SATA drives simultaneously./li>
Optional items (email for quote):

USB memory card reader (MMC)
USB3.0 to e-SATA adapter for eSATA enclosures
IDE+ 2.5″ to SATA kit (One Channel)
Micro-SATA adapter
Mini-SATA adapter
M.2 NGFF to SATA Adapter
M.2 NGFF to USB3.0 Adapter – PCIE base (not supporting NVME) or SATA base
Expansion Configuration (Hardware Option installed at time of purchasing the main unit): SCSI 6 drives KIT, SCSI 3 drives KIT, Fiber Channel 2 drives KIT, 1394 KIT, USB3.1 KIT
1394 to Thunderbolt Adapter
NVMe Adapter to support M.2 110mm and NVME PCIE storage cards
8 SAS/SATA Expansion Box: Expansion8
USB3.0 to SATA 4 Channel Kit convert 4 USB3.0 ports to 4 SATA ports at high speed (Up to 20GB/min). The kit includes 4 USB3.0 to SATA hard drive adapters and 1 PS to power 4 hard disk drives:
USB3.0 to SATA adapter 4 Channel KIT+ Power

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 18 in

Tech Specs

Hardware Specifications:
  • CPU i7 8th Gen
  • RAM 8GB DDR4 Internal Memory
  • Storage Controller SAS 3.0 LSI Controller
  • Power Characteristics:
  • Built-in universal auto switching 750W UL/CE/PSE power supply with Input voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Back Panel:
  • HDMI, DP, USB3.1 Type C Gen-2, USB3.1 Type A Gen-2, 4 USB3.1 Type A Gen-1, RJ45 1Gigabit/s Ethernet
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