USB Isolation Pouch


The Forensic Examination Pouch  gives the law enforcement community the means to secure and manipulate wireless devices.  The USB 2.0 connection on the input/output plate allows the connection of a secured device to a forensics computer in the field or in the lab.  Forensic Examination Pouch with SFi’s capacitve sensing technology works with any portable wireless device including Smartphones, tablets, and GPS units.



On-site mobile device data extraction is a reality with Select Fabricators’ Shielded USB Forensic Pouch.

More affordable than lab-based non-portable metal enclosures, the USB Pouch allows for hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in an RF tight environment making sure internal data is not compromised from moment of capture. There is no need to take the captured device back to the laboratory to extract the internal memory. The filtered connection also can charge the device without a need to remove it from the secure evidence pouch.

Enhanced Visual Access – The oversized, see-through, non-glare mesh window and USB 2.0 connection allows device manipulation in the field.

Secure Data Access – The patent-pending USB 2.0 filtered connector provides fast and secure evidence collection.

Any Digital Device – The Select-A-Shield USB Forensic Pouch works with any portable electronic device with capacitive sensing touch screens like Smartphones, tablets, and GPS units, and connects to any forensic extraction device including HTCI, XRY, Paraben, and more.

On-Site Mobile Extraction – The USB Forensic Pouch is manufactured in the USA with SELECT’s proprietary silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant Nova Select fabric. This conductive, flexible material is the same fabric used over the past decade to make tabletop to room-sized RF shielded enclosures. The pouch has been tested and yields better than -80 dB RF Isolation from 500MHz to 6.0GHz.

All-Inclusive Kit – The Kit comes complete with internal foam insert, evidence cards, connection cables and a handy carrying case.

Inside Dimension – 15″x10.5″x2″, .60 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 4 in


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