Vector Black Hole Data Bag


Black Hole Data Bag Kit Vector

Black Hole Data Bag with Shielded USB 2.0; kit includes Data Bag with window, transport bag, Xlarge nonwindow faraday bag, touch screen stylus and holder.



The Black Hole Data Bag VECTOR Kit, Gen 2 is designed to shield wireless devices from RF signals while being examined or charged. The Data Bag is an innovative solution that replaces the need for a hard-sided faraday enclosure. With the new VECTOR addition, capacitive touch screen devices can be operated directly with a finger or with the provided stylus. Touch screen device usage no longer requires extra components like foam pieces or cradles!

Law enforcement or private forensic investigators and military operatives have a need to shield devices from wireless signals while extracting the information they contain, or while keeping them live. Cell phones, GPS, tablets or laptops recovered from criminal suspects must be shielded from cell, satellite, Wifi and bluetooth signals to reduce the chance of evidence corruption or erasure. Remote wiping, tampering, and locking are easily possible with iPhones, Android and other devices. Incoming text messages, voicemails, calls or data after the point of evidence seizure results in broken chain of custody. Eliminate the chances of these catastrophic events by using the Black Hole Data bag Kit.

The bag has an integral shielded, electronically filtered, USB connection that allows for charging and analysis of devices without compromising shielding. Connect the device to the filtered USB block inside of the bag then seal it to isolate from radio frequency signals. Connect the outer male USB connection to a battery, computer, or forensic extraction tool then proceed to operate the device through the VECTOR cavity. The Data Bag kit is a great field and lab tool. Lab examiners can use the bag to introduce an off-state device, turn it on, then place in airplane mode before removing.

The ISOTech proprietary transparent faraday material offers a high-shielding but clear viewing window. The window allows investigators to see and operate devices, preview evidence, track battery power, device condition, connection status, charging status, and stage of examination.

Included in the kit are the Data Bag, the Transport Bag (a separate faraday bag used to transport the Data Bag, to increase shielding in unknown signal environments), a capacitive touch screen stylus and 10 evidence cards.


  • Black Hole Data Bag Vectore, External Dimensions: 17″x11.75″ Bag & 20″ Cable
  • Transport Bag: External Dimensions: 21.5″x13.75:
  • Touch Scree Stylus and Holder

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in


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