Vector Black Hole Faraday Bag


XLarge Window Vector Black Hole Faraday Bag

Allows operation of capacitive touch screen devices inside of the bag with no extra componets like foam or cradles. Isolates laptops, multiple tablets and other larger devices. This bag includes an evidence preview window.



The Black Hole faraday bags are the industry standard for RF (radio Frequency shielding) of wireless devices. Almost any wireless mobile device like cell phones, Key fobs, GPS, tablets, and laptops are isolated from cellular, Wifi, satellite, and bluetooth signals when placed inside of Black Hole faraday bag. Most bags are used for seizure and transport.

The Black Hole faraday bags uses a proprietary composition of faraday materials called ISOTech. The faraday fabric in the window bags offers high clarity but high shielding. All bags are made with a high quality outer canvas shell that lengthens the life of the bags and protects the delicate faraday material from the elements. Clear evidence pockets on each bag provide a means to tag contained devices, and 10 evidence cards are included with each bag.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 1 in


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