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The new Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.13.3: introduces the ability to bypass screen locks, perform physical acquisitions, and decrypt data from Samsung devices based on Exynos chipsets. The functionality is available for Samsung devices running Android OS 7, 8, and 9 and covers 76 different device models. If a Samsung device is not supported investigators can request support directly from the Oxygen Forensic Detective interface.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective can perform physical acquisitions without updating the KNOX counter. If Secure startup is enabled on a device, the software offers the unique opportunity to brute force the passcode and decrypt the extracted physical dump.

Exynos is the 5th chipset supported by Oxygen Forensics’ screen lock bypass methods. The others are Kirin, MTK, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum.

    Optical Character Recognition:

Investigators no longer have to spend time manually transcribing text within a picture. Oxygen Forensic® Detective 13.0 includes a new OCR section, which
allows investigators to easily convert any words contained in a screenshot or photo to machine-encoded text. To enable and configure this feature, go
to Options/Advanced Analytics in the software. Then, in the OCR section, run image OCR by pressing the relevant button on the toolbar. Once OCR has been
run investigators can use the quick filter to search for text in many different languages across the processed images.

    Support for new cloud services (Cloud Extractor):

Our total number of supported cloud services now equals 86! We’ve enhanced support for many of our existing cloud services, as well as added 3 new clouds to our catalogue.

  • Zoom. Access the Zoom cloud using login credentials or a token found in Apple iOS and Android devices. Extracted evidence will include the account information, contacts, chats and conferences.
  • Huawei Cloud Backups. Besides the already supported Huawei Cloud Data services, now there is an opportunity to extract complete Huawei Cloud Backups using login credentials, a token, QR code, or SMS code.
  • Firefox Lockwise. Access to this service is available via login credentials or a token found in Apple iOS devices. Investigators can extract the account information, as well as saved logins and passwords.

Enhanced support for WhatsApp (Mobile Forensics): We have added two improvements to our WhatsApp extraction methods.

  • Using an installed OxyAgent, investigators can now collect additional data from Android devices, such as audio and video calls, full information about contacts participating in group chats, contact pictures, and more.
  • The new decryption method for WhatsApp iCloud and WhatsApp Google allows backups to be decrypted using a WhatsApp Cloud token. This WhatsApp Cloud token decrypts any WhatsApp backups associated with the same phone number. After the WhatsApp Cloud service is used, this token is automatically saved in the software.
    Import of Meiya Pico extractions (Mobile Forensics): Investigators can now import and analyze extractions created by Meiya Pico’s
    mobile forensic tool for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Oxygen Forensic®
    Detective will fully parse all data available in Meiya Pico backups.

Search templates (Data Analysis): Investigators can search for data more quickly using Search Templates. These templates can contain any supported search criteria, including RegEx, Keywords, Hash Sets, Text, etc. Searches can be done for parsed data, file names, or file content. Users have the ability to create their own Search Templates, which can later be saved in the Search section.

    Device support (Mobile Forensics): We have added support for over 500 new Android devices: Oysters AntarcticE, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite_5G, ZTE BLADE V8 MINI, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7_ 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, etc. The total number of supported devices is 38,611.

      App support (Mobile Forensics): Oxygen Forensic® Detective 13.0 brings support for a couple of new apps that include Zynn, Google, Firefox Lockwise and Gallery Vault as well as updates data parsing from over 800 new app versions from Apple iOS and Android devices. The total number of supported versions now exceeds 18,000.

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